QAM Portrait.jpg

Love, Death, and Disease are all uninvited guests — you rarely expect them, and yet they appear without fail again and again.


Figurative and intimately scaled, the forms, expressions, and colors of my ceramics are playfully childlike while being suggestive of specific sexual and romantic partners, myself, or loved ones departed. Often revealing through their expressions, poses, and glazes my true, and sometimes unspoken, feelings.


The pursuit of Love is my be-all and end-all, and yet my chronic disease tempers and sometimes even obstructs my relationships, complicating an already difficult pursuit of love in queerness. Through ceramic odes to lovers and private moments, I want to share those intimate personal experiences of love as a non-conforming and diseased body. Loving may be easy, but Love is hard.


Clay binds the spirit, entwining the emotional with the physical, and gives my sentiments independence, agency, and freedom. Despite my pain and traumas, these beings are set free through the act of their making and become playful and comforting. They take my heartbreak and betrayal in Love, loneliness and devastation in Death, and the agony and embarrassment of Disease.


Through both clay and paint I release my torments by giving them physical form, and in setting them free find myself left with a refreshing wellness and a blossoming heart — ready to love again and again!